Introducing GLO (Graduate Labor Organization)

We ratified our constitution!

Check out the Constitution Basics for a brief tour through the main parts of the Constitution.

This is a huge milestone for our union. In addition to setting forth our union’s purpose and organizational structure, the constitution features our new name—Graduate Labor Organization (GLO)—which reflects our commitment to inclusivity. It also contains information about members’ rights and obligations, including membership dues, which we set at 1.65% of our salaries. Dues go towards enforcing our contract, organizing, and other costs of operating a union. For two years, teachers and nurses across the country have given us a bit of their paychecks to fund our campaign for our union and our first contract. Now we can be financially self-sufficient!

We’d like to take a moment to thank our two staff organizers, Joel and Karen. They have been invaluable in the fight for graduate worker rights at Brown, and we are honored and grateful that we can continue to work alongside them!

We’re working on changing our email address, website, and social media to reflect our new name. We appreciate your patience during this adjustment period.


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