GLO is affiliated with several larger labor organizations.

Rhode Island American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations 

AFL-CIO is a national association of labor unions (of which AFT is a part) that represents the interests of workers in the broader political discourse. RI AFL-CIO represents workers from many occupations across the state of Rhode Island.

American Federation of Teachers (AFT)

AFT is our national union which represents the interests of educators, school-related personnel, government employees and healthcare professionals. AFT provides GLO with resources and connections, including staff; and, members from AFT-affiliated unions supported our campaign to become a recognized union for two years, while we negotiated contracts and completed our initial organizing efforts.

Rhode Island Federation of Teachers/Health Professionals

RIFTHP is our statewide federation of unions, primarily representing educators and healthcare workers and associated professionals, and is an affiliate of our national union, AFT.

Providence Central Federated Council

The Providence Central Federated Council (formerly Providence Central Labor Council) is our local labor council, and a local affiliate of AFL-CIO, which advocates for the interests of workers in Providence and the local area.