Stand Up for Graduate Student Employees (SUGSE) has fought for graduate-worker rights and protections at Brown University since 2014. As researchers, teachers, and mentors at Brown, graduate workers are vital to the everyday working of the university. SUGSE is organizing a union in order to participate as equal partners in the decisions that affect our lives. Through collective bargaining and collective action, we will advocate for the needs of a diverse student body, fight against discrimination in all its forms, and nurture a caring community that supports the personal and professional lives of all student workers.

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Demands for Immediate Relief for Graduate Workers at Brown

Graduate student workers demand greater protections amidst the fast-changing and dramatic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. The closure of labs, interruption of fieldwork, and shuttering of libraries has impeded our academic progress. The cancellation of conferences and symposia has paused professionalization. Many of us have had to leave the country or take care of dependents, … Continue reading Demands for Immediate Relief for Graduate Workers at Brown

Bargaining update – 2/13/20

After months of meetings with the administration, we’re finally getting close to a contract we can be proud of. We’ve already won improved anti-discrimination protections, a grievance procedure, and, for the first time, clear definitions of our work responsibilities. Now, it’s time to fight for higher pay and better health care. It’s time for a … Continue reading Bargaining update – 2/13/20

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