How to Reach Your Union Officers

Now that we’ve chartered our local and elected our first executive board, we’re building new systems of communication for union members. If you would have any questions or would like to communicate directly with elected leaders, you can email any e-board member directly using the emails below. If you aren’t sure who to contact, or you have an urgent message that needs immediate attention, feel free to use our online contact form (, which will redirect your message to the appropriate person.

We also encourage you to join us for our General Members’ Meetings, where we come together as a union to chart our path forward. All GMMs will include open floor time for any member to discuss issues of concern, ideas, and experiences to all of us.

President, Rithika Ramamurthy:
Vice President, Kaity Hajdarovic:
Secretary, Carin Papendorp:
Treasurer, Keenan Wilder:
Communications Coordinator, Talie Massachi:
Political Director, Dennis Hogan:
Social Justice and Accountability Coordinator, Jared Loggins:
Organizing Coordinator, Audrey Massmann:
Lead Organizer for Workers in Master’s Programs, Claire Crews:
Lead Organizer for International Graduate Workers, Ana San Martín:
Lead Organizer for Physical Sciences, Max Weinreich:
Lead Organizer for Life Sciences, Corinne Hutfilz:
Lead Organizer for Humanities, Sherena Razek:
Lead Organizer for Social Sciences, Siraj Sindhu:


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