Stewards represent the immediate interests of their worksite. Contact your current Steward with a concern. If you are unsure how to contact your Steward, contact either your division’s Lead Organizer (Humanities, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences) or the Coordinator for Organizing to be connected to the appropriate Steward.

If your worksite is not represented, you can contact the Lead Organizer for your division of Brown University (Humanities, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences) to register an issue or run for the position.

For information on the responsibilities of each position and election procedures, please refer to Article VIII of the Constitution.

List of Stewards and Worksites:


Jake Sokolov-González
Michael Ziegler
Rose Rowson
Andrés Emil González

Daniel Engel
Katharine Bancroft
Christina Gilligan
Kaitlyn Quaranta
Sierra Kaufman
Treshaun Sutton
Jeffrey Feldman
Claudia Yun
Avery Morrow
Cosmo Pieplow
Suvina Singal
Beckett Warzer


Anthropology; Music
Archaeology; Classics; Egyptology & Assyriology
Art History; Public Humanities; MCM
Comp Lit; German Studies; Slavic Studies; Italian Studies
Computer Science
Condensed Matter & Biophysics
French Studies; Hispanic Studies; POBS; Education
MM/Geochem Floors 0-1; Lincoln Field; IBES Floor 0-2
MM/Geochem Floors 2+
Political Science
Pure and Applied Mathematics
Religious Studies; Philosophy
Sidney Frank Hall
TAPS; Literary Arts

Interim Stewards*

Sherena Razek
Corinne Hutfilz
Siraj Sindhu
Max Weinreich
Corinne Hutfilz
Max Weinreich
Siraj Sindhu
Corinne Hutfilz
Corinne Hutfilz
Corinne Hutfilz


Africana Studies; American Studies
BioMed Complex; Stimson
Engineering (Barus & Holley)
ERC; Arnold; MRL; IBES Floor 3
High Energy & Astrophysics
Metcalf; 164 Angell St; BCBI
Ship St; Hospitals
School of Public Health

*Members in these worksites can get in touch with to run for steward!

Lead Organizers:


Sherena Razek
Corinne Hutfilz
Max Weinreich
Siraj Sindhu


Life Sciences
Physical Sciences
Social Sciences