Bargaining update – 2/13/20

After months of meetings with the administration, we’re finally getting close to a contract we can be proud of. We’ve already won improved anti-discrimination protections, a grievance procedure, and, for the first time, clear definitions of our work responsibilities. Now, it’s time to fight for higher pay and better health care. It’s time for a contract. But we won’t get there unless the administration takes us seriously. If we want them to make concessions in negotiations, first we need them to see how many of us want to see a FAIR contract NOW!

At our General Members Meeting last week, the room was packed. We talked through our plan for the semester. We have actions planned every week from now until Spring Break. It’s ambitious, it depends on all our members getting involved, and it’s going to make the difference to get us the contract we deserve.

We’re asking you to come to our first major action of the semester, on Feb. 25th, 12:15 PM, gathering at Van Wickle Gates then going with the SUGSE bargaining committee their negotiations with Brown admin. This is going to be a CACEROLAZO: a rally where we make as much noise as we possibly can, with pots, with pans, with whatever you can bring. We’re going to show the administration how many people have a stake in this fight, in a way that they can’t ignore. Will you come make noise with us?
Please make sure to RSVP by filling out this commitment form.

We will also be holding regular leaflets and wear-a-button days, and if admin still won’t listen, we will start holding MASS PICKETS that they won’t be able to ignore. Please tell us if you can commit to participate in the cacerolazo and the pickets by filling out the commitment form.

This is a crucial phase of our negotiations. We need everyone to show up. And if you can help some more, we need your help by volunteering with SUGSE, by organizing colleagues in your department or lab, and by asking undergrads and faculty to support us. You can let us know what you can do on the commitment form. You can also promote the cacerolazo by sharing this Facebook event.

Let’s make some noise and win a fair contract now!

In Solidarity,
Max Weinreich, Mathematics


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