Officer Election Timeline

Now that we’ve ratified our first contract and our constitution, it’s time to elect the first Executive Board of our Union!


  • October 1: Nominations due
  • October 6: Ballots postmarked to Members
  • October 14: General Members Meeting (including speeches by nominees)
  • October 21: Completed ballots due
  • Beginning of November: Elected Executive Board takes Office

Nominations were due on October 1st, and our Elections Committee is hard at work tallying the (virtual and physical) mail nominations.

Ballots will be sent out via the United States Postal Service on Tuesday October 6th, and are due back (postmarked) by Wednesday, October 21st. Email to update your address to receive your ballot.

In order for all Members to make informed decisions about who to vote for in this inaugural election, we are planning a General Members Meeting on Wednesday, October 14th. Candidates for each position will have the opportunity to speak about their qualifications or goals in running for their nominated position. Information about this meeting will be emailed out to Members in the week leading up to the meeting.

By making your voice heard in our first leadership election, you’re helping to ensure a direction for our union that’s truly representative. We want to encourage all Members to participate in this process and vote for those candidates who will best represent you and our Union.

For questions about the elections please reference the FAQ, or email