Brush-In For Dental Care!

Bring Your Toothbrush and Brush Your Teeth for Dental Care!
Join Us for a BrushIn
Wednesday, February 18 from 12:30 – 1:00
in front of University Hall on the Main Green
The University Resources Committee voted against proposals to provide Brown graduate students with dentalinsurance. Let’s show the administration what our current dental plan looks like.
Join SUGS in our first BrushIn this Wednesday, where we will brush our teeth in protest on the Main Green in front of University Hall. Come out, make some noise, and polish those pearlies to remind the administration that Healthy Grad Students Make Brown Work!

SUGS Spring Campaign

The old joke goes that graduate students are “paid to read.” It’s true, we read. A lot. But reading is not only what we are paid to do: we are paid to teach and mentor undergraduates; to conduct research for faculty; and to conduct our own research in order to write journal articles, papers for presentations at academic conferences, and, finally, a book-length dissertation. The work we do isn’t just meant to advance our own careers in an increasingly brutal academic job market. Our teaching and mentorship helps Brown make good on its promise of delivering a rigorous, engaged, and collaborative undergraduate education. And our academic work burnishes Brown’s reputation as a prestigious research institution. Far from just getting “paid to read,” graduate students perform much of the intellectual labor that goes on at Brown. We represent a crucial motor that keeps this community running.

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Concerning Mark Schlissel

In the past six months, we have seen a rising tide of challenges to higher education’s commitment to money over ideas. Across the country, members of the higher ed community are challenging the priorities of the contemporary market-driven university through antiracist actions, Title IX mobilizations, labor organizing, local crackdowns on university tax evasion, and convocation protests. What principles guide the U.S. university? Who does the U.S. university serve? Can it be reclaimed as an engine for a more deeply and broadly conceived public good?

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