Bargaining Committee Elections

The Bargaining Committee (BC) is an elected group of graduate workers that will meet regularly with administration to negotiate the best possible collective bargaining agreement. Graduate workers on the BC have the important role of representing and advocating for the diverse interests of membership at the negotiation table.

The candidates listed below from the Physical Sciences were nominated to join the BC for the special election for the remaining seat, and have chosen to share a brief candidate statement ahead of the election. You can read more about the elections process here.

Nicole Dusang


PhD, Fourth Year


As a BC member, I want to address the distribution of power in our academic environment. The current construct of academic tenure is an antiquated tradition which disproportionately concentrates power and authority in male populations. In the physical sciences, this power differential is exacerbated in already marginalized groups, such as women and other historically underrepresented groups. All graduate students should have agency over their academic training and be empowered to develop the necessary and desired skills to achieve their professional goals. I support the protections of academic freedom offered under tenure however, it has morphed into a mechanism relieving professors of accountability for unprofessional behavior and even violations of title 9 statutes. In an era of #metoo and #timesup, universities should be at the forefront of defining social progress. At Brown, however, less than 15% of the physical sciences’ faculty is female. A union provides us power to ensure that Brown embraces social progress and upholds the principles of inclusion and equity across all echelons of its personnel.


Eric Rosen

Computer Science

PhD, First Year


I want to be on the bargaining committee because I want to make sure all of the departments across Brown are heard and well represented within the union. I did my undergraduate at Brown University and enjoy the multidisciplinary academic culture that exists, and will do my best to make sure that it is preserved. It is also important to me that the needs of all graduate students, however varied, are met and I will do my best to listen to any issues that my peers have, and push to make sure your voices are heard.