Mission Statement

Stand Up for Graduate Student Employees (SUGSE) is an anti-racist, feminist, labor organization that advocates for grad worker rights and protections at Brown University. SUGSE is committed to ensuring Brown University supports the work of graduate students across all disciplines and departments. In order for graduate study at Brown to be an environment where all students can pursue their work as essential contributors to the university as researchers and teachers, SUGSE is committed to:

    • Advocating for the needs of a diverse student body, particularly the needs of underrepresented groups, by working against discrimination in all its forms.
    • Defending the value and protecting the work of the graduate student labor that is essential to Brown’s research, teaching, and learning communities.
    • Building a workplace environment that privileges collaboration and community over inter- and intra-departmental competition.
    • Ensuring graduate students are able to secure the necessary medical and financial resources required to move forward in their programs successfully, including healthcare, childcare, and a living wage.
    • Providing a space where graduate students are encouraged and empowered to advocate on behalf of themselves and their peers.
    • Challenging the corporatization of the university that is happening at Brown and institutions of higher education across the country.





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