COVID-19 Appointment Extensions

As part of our Union’s contract negotiations, we won year-long COVID-19 appointment extensions for grads whose research was disrupted by the pandemic, and who had advanced to candidacy by Spring 2020. Earlier this year, we arranged extensions for seventh years in need; and now, we are pleased to announce that the application is open for graduate students who will need an appointment (funding) extension starting next semester (Spring 2021). You should apply for this extension during the last semester of your guaranteed funding, and applications will be opened each semester. In January, the application period will open for grads who would otherwise run out of funding at the end of Spring 2021.

The application can be found in UFunds, under COVID 19 Appointment Extensions. It will ask you to explain how your progress toward degree completion has been hampered by the continuing pandemic. Based on our agreement with the University, we expect the applications to be granted to almost all applicants; however, if you are ineligible or denied an extension, you can appeal through the COVID-19 Extension Committee, which has Union member representation.

Your Union has your back as you complete this paperwork. Send all questions pertaining to the application, eligibility or appeals process to, but make sure to CC This will allow us to keep track of any issues that may arise throughout this process.

Check out our FAQ or email with questions. We’ll continue to fight to protect all grads from COVID-19 and financial insecurity.


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