Our election agreement: one step closer to a vote!

SUGSE and Provost Locke have signed an agreement that allows us to hold an election without the interference of Trump’s Labor Board. This agreement comes after more than a year of work, and will empower PhD and Masters graduate workers to vote for a union and bargain collectively over our working conditions.

Reaching this election agreement independent from Trump’s Labor Board is a huge step forward toward securing a seat at the table where decisions are made about our healthcare, our stipends, our libraries, and our grievances.

We negotiated this agreement, but it wasn’t only won at the table. Through our “Let Us Vote” rally, a presence during commencement, and most importantly by building majority support for a union through face to face conversations with graduate workers like you, we demonstrated the need for a meaningful democratic process. We’re not done yet. If you’re ready to join the active organizing effort or have questions about this process, please email us and we’ll be in touch shortly!

Get ready for an election!


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