SciLi Worker Solidarity


From Brown Student Labor Alliance:

The Library Administration is moving forward with a plan to further reduce services and staffing in the Sciences Library. The plan will cut library hours from 100 to 70 and staff from 4.5 positions to 2 positions, thus leaving the SciLi understaffed.

Harriette Hemmasi, the head University Librarian, has stated, “I have always been proud of the ways in which the entire Library staff works collectively to meet the evolving demands of the community we serve, and I am excited to continue our progress toward a system that enhances the ability of users to access scholarly content and connect with Library services.”

This statement that was sent in an email to the Brown community neglects the fact that neither the library or University administration has centered the concerns of library workers or allowed for community input throughout these changes.

If you have not shared or signed this petition yet, please do so!


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